Wazzup, guys! Welcome to a new post from your quirky and weird neighbor, Beautiful&Enthusiastic&Weird!

Last week, I may have missed a few days to post something for you guys. I had a rough week.

Like, literally.

So, today, we will talk about one thing and that is called…

I-Have-No-Idea-What-It-Is-But-I’m-Sure-It’s-Awesome. In short, APPRECIATION.

In this era, this word is starting to become a myth.

Remember, guys: one of the components of having a healthy relationship, whether with your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and others, is knowing how to appreciate the things they do for you.

It doesn’t have to be a BIG effort for you to appreciate them.

Simply being thankful of their everyday-presence in your life is enough.

Especially, with kids.

Appreciation is the BIGGEST happiness you could give a child. It gives them encouragement.

Some people are wondering why the ones they love sometimes leave them. Well, maybe you should try and assess yourself.

Ask this question to yourself: do I appreciate this wonderful person and all the things he/she/they have/had done for me?

With my partner and I, I made it SPECIFICALLY CLEAR that appreciation is needed.

You see, in his family, appreciation is, what I said, a myth. Now, we’re raising a beautiful baby boy, I am teaching him appreciation in its simplest forms.

Appreciation is needed. You might think it’s nothing. But once you start appreciating the little things, contentment follows.


Skadoosh! xx

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