Someone Has My Back

What’s up, people? This is your friendly-neighbor blogger Beautiful&Enthusiastic&Weird.

Today, we will talk about faith.

Yes, i said it: faith.

These past few weeks, my family and I were on a very, very tight budget. Time came we didn’t know how we were going to eat.

I am thankful that everything our son needs we were still able to buy them. Like milk and nappies.

I was on the verge of just giving up.

I mean, my partner and i have jobs enough to feed us three. But we still make decisions that become mistakes. And we learn from them.

What i did this week is i just kept holding on to my prayers. I kept saying, “Lord, i lift up to You the wheel of our life.”

And i just continued to hold on.

Then i remembered my side of the family has a traditional summer vacay to go to by Saturday. I didnt know how to tell my father, “Dad, i cant provide the money i promised before.” so i told him we won’t be going.

He then asked me why, i said we’re gonna pay bills here, which is very true. I only left out the part where we’re on a tight budget.

My father, being so gracious, asked me the real money i can bring. I said i can only bring money for my entrance fee and money.

He said, “Then that’s what you’ll bring. You just have to be honest with daddy”.

Then today, abundance came from the Lord. And i am very, very thankful for it.

I was reminded again on how He moves. When you think you’re lost or you have nowhere to go, God comes to your rescue.

Whether you believe in Him or not, I tell you: He will not and will never forsake you. He is just waiting for you to believe and have faith.
Skadoosh! xx

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