Your Life Partner and Their Purpose

In a married life, there are always two people. That is pretty much obvious unless you’re having a “side dish”.

Anyways, in a relationship, it will always take TWO make everything work.

Yes, you are two different individuals. But a relationship cannot function with only one moving and making all the decisions.

Both needs to think and meditate their own ideas. Then share it with each other and meet halfway.

There’s a reason why our Creator has given you a life partner.

Number one: To share the burden. In a married life, a husband and wife must work together and share everything, even burdens. That’s why in some wedding vows, there are lines such as, ” Through our ups and downs, I will be by your side, no matter what”. Your partner is there to help you carry the weight. You’re not alone.

Number two: To help you make decisions. Sometimes, decision-making really gets into your head to the point where you’re so troubled, you just decided to get a big gallon of ice cream, sit on the sofa and mope all day while watching Dirty Dancing or other soap operas. Remember, when you can’t decide on something, consult your partner. Help each other to find the best solution.

Number three: To push you up. Partners should bring out the best in each other, not tearing each other apart. You’re not in a relationship to kill and destroy each other. Like a king and his queen. The king protects his queen and kingdom. His strength is his queen. The queen helps the king in making decisions for the kingdom and for their family. Both must encourage each other to be the best versions of themselves.

Number four: Your life partner is there to love you and enjoy their lives together with you. They could imagine both of you, gray-haired, sitting on the front porch on two rocking chairs while your children and grandchildren have fun. You’re not in a relationship to make your lives miserable.

Cherish each other. Make God the center of your relationship. You two will see the purpose of each other in each other’s life. (Repeating words are annoying but it makes sense)


Skadoosh! xx

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