War For Attention

One of the things that women constantly have a battle with in life is fighting for attention from their boyfriends, husbands or partners.

And it’s none other than the things that men love the most other than girls.



Video games.

Or other things that you feel is your big competition in your man’s attention.

I myself face this struggle. My partner is a big and I mean BIG lover of motorcycles. Sometimes, I even joke around about our motorcycle being his “wife” than me. (Although, sometimes I say it because I’m really jealous)

Then comes along video games. Computer games. Mobile games. Men love these. It’s like a fulfillment for them.

For years, I’ve been thinking about the best way to win his attention against these. And trust me, fighting won’t solve these. It will only make matters worst. I finally found the answer.

First of all, be thankful. If your man likes these things next to loving you, be thankful. You know why? Because other men would rather do drugs, drink or even worst, a ladies’ man. Be thankful that he only likes material things.

Second, bond with him. Use that! Try to like what he likes. You’ll see, you don’t have to compete for attention, it gives you quality time together.

Lately, my partner has been playing or as we say, addicted to Mobile Legends. Actually, I’m not surprised because he plays Warcraft and LOL. Since I play as well, I decided to ask for the game. As I received it, we started playing together. I didn’t have to compete for attention. I made a special moment for both of us. We would play before we sleep. We’d laugh together. We have fun together. And that’s what’s important in a relationship: you do everything together.


Skadoosh! xx


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