AMEIRA || Chapter One

⚜ ⚜ ⚜ Ameira ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Finally home to the sound of the songs of birds and the rustling leaves. The smell of the breeze is so much familiar and it’s gentle touch on my face.

This is home. This is Scotland.

“We’re near home, Your Highness.” The footman happily called from  the outside. “Castle is in sight!”

Castle is in sight.

I quickly moved to the window and stick my head out, sighting our majestic castle.

Welcome home… Ameira.
The carriage then heads to the underground entrance. As I got down, my family were already at the entrance to greet me and welcome me home. I walked to them with a smile.

“Family.” I greeted as I bowed.

Mother then walks forward and kisses me on the forehead. “Our eldest, finally home.” she said with a smile.

Father then takes her place and gives me a big hug. But he seems so… quiet and distant.

“Is anything the matter, Father?” I questioned.

“No, child, I am alright. I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” He replied with a smile. But that reason cannot persuade me. I know when there’s something bothering my parents. Maybe I’ll consult about it later.

“And these must be my beautiful young sisters.” I smiled as I saw my sisters again after years of longing for them. We three then all shared a big hug, one thing I truly missed, wanted and needed in the years I was absent from their lives.

“I’ve learned how to swim fast, sister.” Anny started. “I bet I’m faster than you now.” she giggled.

I giggled as well. “I know you are.” I answered as I pinched her nose a little. “And I can’t wait to see you finally beat me in swimming.” I continued. I then turned to Iris. “How about you, Iris?”

“I found a liking in recycling things and making them beautiful again.” She responded with a proud smile.

“That’s marvelous! I would like to see your creations.” I said.

“Ameira, I know you’ve just returned home but we have some important business to discuss.” Mother started. “Iris, Anny, you can go back to whatever businesses you were doing a while ago.” She turned to my sisters. Iris and Anny then went running off.

“Come along, dear.” Mother spoke. I nodded and followed them to Father’s study.

“So, what is this important business that we must discuss immediately?” I asked as we entered the room.

“As you know, your come back here in Scotland has been anticipated so much by our people.” Mother started as we sat down. “We didn’t want to rush you into this but as future queen of Scotland, you must know this now.” She continued.

“Is there something wrong?” I questioned.

Mother and Father looked at each other, sighs leaving their mouths. Mother then turns to me, “We love you, Ameira. We really do. And you coming back here has been our greatest wish. But… it is only a matter of time that you choose your future king.”

I just returned and this is what my parents want me to do?! Find the next king of Scotland?! Can’t they just wait for the perfect timing of everything?!

“What?! This is ridiculous.” I started. “I know that I will have to marry someday but do we have to rush into things? I’ve just returned from the Irish court and this is my welcome wagon?!” I continued.

Father stood up. “My child, I didn’t want to say this but… we’re going to lose Scotland if you did not marry.”

“Lose Scotland?! Why would we lose Scotland?!” I asked, hysterically.

Father sighed. “The union between France and Scotland was terminated by their current prince, Prince Alexander.” Prince Alexander! That bastard! Is he really trying to destroy my life?! “We have to surrender ourselves to France to maintain Scotland in our hands.” He continued.

“We will not succumb to Alexander’s power, Father! You’re a king, he’s a prince! Surely, you can do something!” I replied.

“There is nothing I could do, Ameira. All I could is bargain with France.” He continued.

“And the bargain was me?” This is absolutely preposterous!

“If we don’t want to surrender to France, you must marry the prince.”

“Marry Alexander?! Are you being ridiculous, Father?! We all know that Alexander and I had a history and that history was never patched.” I answered. “He still loathes me and will do anything and everything in his power to destroy our lives, especially mine.” I continued.

“Dear, you don’t necessarily need to marry only Alexander.” Mother intervenes.

“What do you mean?” I asked, baffled.

“Do you still remember your childhood friend, Charles?” she asked.

“Yes, Mother, I do.” How could I forget Charles? I had a crush on him when we were little. But we grew apart.

“He is now the prince of England. France and Italy are trying to buy England’s affection. And we all know that England is the strongest kingdom there is.” Mother explained. “We figured that we need England more to defeat France. And since you and Charles have history together… we figured that it’s better that you marry Charles.” She continued.

I sighed. “I’ll have to discuss this matter to Charles. We have to deliberate on this.”

Mother and Father frowned. Someone then knocked on the door.

“Enter.” Father answered.

The messenger then bursts into the room. “Sire, I have letters here for you and the queen.” He stated.

“What kind of letters?” Mother asked.

“It looks like letters from the kingdom of England, France and Italy.” Oh, no. I have the biggest feeling there will be a feast.

“They said they would like to come over today and have a feast as a homecoming present for the princess of Scotland.” The messenger continued reading.

Mother and Father then looked to each other. “Please send word that we would be more than happy to accept them tomorrow.” Father smiled.

“Um… there is a note underneath each letter, Your Majesties.” The messenger interrupted.

“What does the note say?” Mother asked.

The messenger then took a look at the note once more. “It said that by the time you have finished reading these invitations, all three of us are on our way.” He said.

What?! Already?!

Father sighed. “Thank you, messenger. You may leave.” The messenger then takes off.

Mother then rings the castle bell. A group of handmaidens and a butler entered the study.

“We will be having… unexpected guests today and we shall have a feast.” Mother started to instruct them. “Please prepare a bountiful feast, delicious and fast.” she continued.

The handmaidens and the butler bowed and went on their ways.

I sighed and fell on the sofa. “I just got home and all I wanted today was rest. How come the other kingdoms found out I was going home?” I started.

“News spread quickly, love. And they have been very anxious to meet you in person, especially the princess of Italy.” Mother replied as she sat by the arm of the sofa chair. “She thinks you’re a competition for Charles.” she continued.

“Why would she think that?” I questioned.

“Charles and Princess Marieline, the princess of Italy, had a brief history before and the princess seems to be in love with him, still. She still wants Charles and when she heard about you and your childhood history with Charles, she felt threatened.” Father explained.

“I have nothing to do with them. Charles is like a brother to me.” I answered.

“But didn’t you have feelings for him, dear?” Mother asked.

“I do have feelings for him, Mother. I still do.” I responded. “But if he doesn’t feel the same way, why should I push myself to him? He has the freedom to choose his queen, every royal has the right to choose whether it’s for advantage or for love.” I continued.

Father and Mother looked at me, shocked. I don’t have to push myself to Charles, really. We could just marry for the sake of our kingdoms.

“I must go to my room and change. I shall like to have my ladies-in-waiting help me.” I stood up.

Mother then stands up and holds my hands. “I will summon them for you. Why don’t you go upstairs and make yourself beautiful?” She said with a smile.

I paid respect with a bow and headed to my room. First day I got home and this is what surprises me.
On my way to my room, a mere glimpse of my childhood memories with Charles appeared in front of me.

Running down the stairs, playing “Tag” with Charles.
“Catch me if you can, Ameira!” Charles teased.

“Oh, I will! Wait till I get you!” I shouted. Suddenly, I felt my knees fail me. “Charles!” I screamed out of help and fear.

In no time, I felt myself falling down the stairs, finding myself at the bottom. I… feel… so… dizzy…

“Ameira!” I heard a faint shout of Charles running towards us.

I felt someone lift up my head and it was put on something soft yet boney.

“Ameira?” It was Charles. “Ameira…” his voice is about to crack, ready to cry. “Ameira, please wake up. Please… I’ll be the ‘it’, just wake up, please…” he cried.

I tried to move my fingers and I didn’t fail. As I moved my fingers, I gently reached for Charles’ arm. As I reached him, I gently poked him and whispered, “You’re… it.”

He smiled with little tears coming out of his eyes. He then hugged, gently but safely. “I’ll always be here, Ameira. I promise.”
Looks like you broke your promise, Charles…
Just finished preparing for our feast and my ladies-in-waiting are still not in sight. I wonder where they could be.

Someone then knocked at the door. “Come in.” I answered.

The door opened and I saw Mother in the mirror.

“Mother…” I started as I turned around to greet her. “Is anything the matter?” I asked.

“I hope you don’t mind, Ameira but… I thought we should talk.” She replied as she closed the door and started walking towards me.

“No, I don’t mind at all.” I smiled. “Silvia, you may go. Thank you for helping me.” I smiled at my handmaiden. She bowed and went on her way. I then walked to my mother, starting with a question, “What is it, Mother?”

She then holds my hand. “I don’t want you to think that…” She started to stutter. “I know that all you came home to nothing but… frustration and disappointment…” Her voice started to crack. “I just wish that… there is still a part of your heart… that can forgive your father and I for this…” she then started crying.

“Mother, please don’t cry.” I comforted her. “This matter does not deserve all our tears.” I continued.

“We didn’t to do this to you, Ameira… especially knowing that you’re stressed about ruling the kingdom…” Mother continued to cry and it breaks my heart to see her like this.

I let out a small sigh. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” I smiled faintly. “And I know as a future queen of Scotland… I may make decisions that I do not want but it will be for the best of the kingdom.” I reasoned.

Mother then wipes her tears away. “My dear, just remember: I’ll always choose your side no matter what.”

“I know, Mother. How could I forget that?” I smiled.

There was a sudden knock on the door and the butler entered without permission.

“I apologize for barging in like this, Your Highness and Your Majesty but… the royals have arrived.” He announced.

Mother and I sighed. “Thank you. We’ll be right there.” Mother replied. The butler bowed and went on his way.

“Time to face the royals.” Mother turned to me.

Sigh… it is time.
As I was walking towards the main doors of the castle, I was stopped by my mother.

“Yes, Mother?”

“You look so beautiful, love.” She smiled at me.

“Thank you, Mother.” I bowed, flattered. “You don’t look like you aged, Mother.” I returned a compliment.

“Thank you, dear.” She giggled. “Now, wait here until you’re announced. Let’s make this as formal as we can.” She informed.

“Shouldn’t you and Father the ones to be announced?” I questioned, confused.

“We will be announced. But we have to be outside for the people.” She explained.

“Alright.” I nodded. Mother then gave me a small faint kiss on the forehead and went outside.

As I wait, I heard faint footsteps in the hall. “Who is there?” I called out.

A figure then came out of the darkness of the pillars. “Who are you?”

“Who I am is not the appropriate question.” It’s a lady. But I can’t see her face for it is covered by the hood of her cloak.

“State your business, madam.” I said politely.

“Me?” she started to walk around me. “I am just here to witness your welcoming of the other royals… and to destroy  their lives.” she continued.

“Pardon? Destroy the lives of who?” I questioned.

“You are destined to destroy everything.” She replied, angry. “You are nothing but a curse to this land!” she continued, shouting.

“I think you should leave.” I answered, calm on the outside but afraid on the inside.

“Why? Do you fear the truth I am proclaiming?”

“No. I want you to leave because all you are saying are nothing but lies.” I snapped back. “And I don’t have time to listen to lies.” I quickly turned as I heard the trumpets do their fanfare.

They have arrived… Charles is here.

“Charles…” I whispered to myself.

“Reaching out for Charles?” The woman suddenly spoke.

I turned back to her.

“His life will be the first one you’ll destroy.” She continued. “If you do not marry Prince Alexander or surrender Scotland to the hands of the French… your choice to marry Prince Charles will be the very death of him… and of Scotland.” She added.

“Leave, woman! Your presence is not welcome in this place.” I snapped.

“Mark my words, Ameira… starting today, a lot will change because of you.” She answered, pointing at me. She then started to walk backwards slowly, disappearing once more in darkness.
“Presenting, their Royal Majesties, King George and Queen Amaia with Princesses Iris and Anny.” I heard the announcement and everybody’s cheer outside.

Two guards quickly entered the door.

“Princess Ameira, it’s time.” One of the guards informed. I nodded and walked right in front of the door, the two guards standing by at each of my side.

“And now presenting, the future queen of Scotland, Her Royal Highness, Princess Ameira Myeaka of Scotland!”

As my name was announced, I could hear the loud cheering from the outside.

When the doors opened and I was seen, the crowd’s cheer grew louder.

I greeted Scotland with a big smile and started waving at everybody. I started walking down, the guards leading me to the center of the carpet.

At the end of the carpet, I could see four carriages. That’s funny. I thought only three kingdoms are coming. Why is there another one?

“To start the acceptance of guests, please welcome Princess Ameira’s ladies-in-waiting, home from Glasgow.”

They were in Ireland, too?!

The white carriage then opens and out came Clarisse, Merlyn, Charity and Pauleen. Oh, how delightful it is to finally see them again. My ladies started to walk towards me, big smiles are on our faces.

As my ladies approached me, we all took a bow and started squealing as we hugged each other.

“My friends.” I said with a big smile. “How great it is to finally see you all.”

“We followed you to Ireland but we failed to find you.” Charity sighed.

“It doesn’t matter now.” I comforted them. “What matters is that we are all together now.” I continued.

“And now, for the royals.” the crowd started to cheer. My ladies then stood beside me.

“Presenting, the shiniest pearl of all kingdoms, Princess Marieline Sky of Italy.” The golden carriage then opens and out came Princess Marieline. She has her blonde hair all tied up. Her dress is absolutely big, it looks like a giant cake. She is using a shiny silver fan. She then started walking towards us, waving to the audience. But I could see some of them are baffled on how she looks.

“Isn’t she a little over-dressed for the occasion?” Pauleen started.

“She’s acting like she’s the main purpose of this event.” Charity added.

“She took that term being the shiniest pearl way too much.” Merlyn intervened.

“She doesn’t even look like a pearl.” Clarisse commented.

“Why is she called the shiniest pearl of all kingdoms?” I asked. I am absolutely baffled about her… tagline.

“Well, I heard her parents conceived her while staring at a pearl and they always tell her she’s a pearl.” Clarisse explained.

“Well, I have to admit: it really rubbed off her too much.” I replied.

Princess Marieline finally reached us. My ladies and I bowed to her. “Welcome to our home, Princess Marieline.” I greeted.

“Thank you.” she answered.

Pauleen suddenly intervened, “No bow from you, my lady?”

“Why should I bow? I bow to no one but to myself.” she said, proudly.

This princess has attitude issues.

“I respect that, Your Grace but here in Scotland, we practice that we bow to everyone, even to the commoners.” Pauleen replied.

“And what is your place here? Who are you to speak to me like that?” she snapped back.

“We’re the princess’ ladies-in-waiting.” Merlyn answered the question.

“Well, learn your place because no one is allowed to speak to me like that!” She scolded Pauleen.

“And no one has the right to speak to my friends with an attitude.” I calmly answered. “If there is someone who has the power to do so, that would be me but I do not practice that.” I continued.

“You call your ladies your friends? They should be your maids.” She responded, shocked.

“They are my friends.” I cleared. “And they are correct. We practice our bows here as a sign of respect. Now, if you would be so kind, please do it as a sign of respect not to me but to my people.” Princess Marieline looked around and sighed. She took a deep breath and bowed.

“That wasn’t so hard, wasn’t it?” I smiled.

She snorted. She then opens her fan and left my sight finally.

“Now presenting, the chosen prince, Prince Alexander Rufus of France.” The black carriage the opens and my enemy, Alexander came out.

He’s wearing the usual outfit: a normal jacket with a shirt and a crown on his head.

“Oh, look, it’s King Deimos’ bastard.” Pauleen commented.

“He embraces his crown too much.” Charity added.

“He thinks he looks royal because of the country he bought from his father.” Merlyn snapped.

“He bought France?” I asked.

“Yes, he did.” Clarisse answered. “Because he’s the bastard, he did everything to gain the king’s favor. France was supposed to be given to Prince Charles. But Alexander bough France in exchange for his life.” She explained.

I chuckled. “All for the sake of power, he sells his life.” I started. “A perfect example of a ruler who knows nothing but his thirst of power.”

Alexander then reaches us. “Ameira.” He greets, just bowing slightly. “Ladies.” He greets my ladies.

We then bowed although we hate to bow to this hilarious joke of a ruler.

“Alexander.” I greeted formally.

“You forgot the ‘prince’.” He suddenly corrected.

“No, I did not.” I have no intention of calling you a prince.” I replied.

“As ever, you have no respect for me.” He answered with a smirk. “No wonder why I left you.”

I scoffed. “First of all, no matter how hard you push that claim, everyone knows I left you for my people.” I started. “Second, I never had respect for me, to yourself or anybody else.”

“Well, I can guarantee that you will be respecting me once we’re man and wife.” He answered.

“And I will make sure that your wish of marriage with me will never push through.” I growled. “I’d rather die saving Scotland from your hands than lead my people right into your grip.”

“As if you have another choice to marry.” He scoffed.

“I know and I’ll make sure you’ll never have Scotland in your hands.” I snapped back.

“We’ll see.” He smirked and went on ahead to greet my parents.

“And for the noble prince and first in line for the English throne, Prince Charles Ezekiel of England!”

As the silver carriage opened, Charles came out. And everybody did not cheer or waive but bowed. How respected he is and he deserves it. He still looks amazing. He never changed.

“Is that Charles?” all my ladies questioned.

“I guess so.” I replied.

“Well, for the record, he’s equally delicious.” Pauleen started.

“I have every woman in and outside their kingdom sought after him.” Charity added.

“Cannot imagine why they wouldn’t” Merlyn agreed.

Charles does look extremely dashing. His soft brown curly hair, his eyes, his mouth, everything about him specifically indicates gorgeousness… perfection.

“He looks… very delicious…” Clarisse said.

“Hold your horses, Clarisse.” Merlyn suddenly blocks Clarisse’s statement.

“That’s Ameira’s future husband and king. Leave him be.” Charity entered.

I took a deep breath in as Charles finally reached me. My ladies and I bowed.

“Welcome, Prince Charles.” I greeted

He didn’t bow. Instead, he suddenly get my hand and kissed my knuckles, sending butterflies to my stomach, blood suddenly rushes through my veins.

“Princess Ameira.” He smiled. Oh, there he goes again with that smile. “Welcome home.”

“Thank you. Welcome home to you as well.” I giggled.

He then looked at me, confused but seemingly amused.

“Um, remember when we were little, you used to live here. So, welcome home.” I explained.

We both share a silent laughter.

“You’ve changed so much.” I smiled. “You don’t have any zits now.”

“Well, when you take care of yourself, all of the bad things will change.” He replied with respect and smile, his hands behind his teeth.

“Of course.” I nodded.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” He started. “Just your face.”

“Is there something horrible with my face?” I asked, worried.

“Nothing. You’re just growing more beautiful everyday.” He answered.

I could feel myself turning red.

“We have a lot of catching up to do.” He giggled.

“How about we discuss this after the feast?” I offered.

“Splendid. No time like the present.” He smiled. He then offered his arm and as I held onto him, we started walking to my parents.

This feast could be a challenge.
We are here in the accepting room whilst waiting for the food to be ready. Mother and Father are sitting in front and the four of us: Marieline, Alexander, Charles and I are sitting in a circle with my Mother on my left and Charles on my right.

“While we wait for the food to be ready, let us get to know each other.” Father initiated. “Who would like to go first?” he offered.

Then there was silence, each of us trying to see who will go first.

Marieline then sighed and stood first. “I’ll go first. I know you guys want to know me and I’m very honoured for this opportunity.” She’s so full of herself.

“My name is Marieline and…” My attention was then stolen by Charles who slightly tapped my hand.

“Yes?” I whispered towards him.

“Everyone is so full of themselves.” He stated.

“I reckon you’re going to pertain to this lady over here, saying she’s the best example.” I giggled.

“This girl and… Alexander.” He replied.

We both started to snicker.

“Excuse me?” Marieline cuts our conversation. “Are you gossiping about me?” she asked, near to being ridiculous.

“No. We’re just… discussing a few matters.” Charles replied.

“Well, could you discuss things later and focus on me?” she complained like a child.

“There are things that requires my attention and there are things that don’t.” I started. “There are things that are worthy of my attention and there are things that aren’t. And your vanity doesn’t require mine, it’s not worthy as well.” I continued.

Charles snickered. Alexander is holding back his laughter. I can hear my parents just taking deep breaths as they hate it when I do that.

Marieline throws a quick tantrum and sits down.

“Okay.” Mother clears her throat. “Um, Alexander, would like to go next?”

“No, it’s alright. I don’t like to share my own ideas and myself.” Alexander arrogantly refused.

“Understood.” Father respected. “Charles?”

“I’m okay, Sir.” Charles respectfully declined.

“Alright, then.” Father stood. “We’re here to discuss the throne.” He started.

“As we all know, all four of you are in line for the throne. And in time, you four must choose their spouse.” I sighed, knowing where this would go.

“To begin with this, tell me your preferences.” He then points Marieline.

“I would like to have Prince Charles as the future king of England and Italy.” She stated, looking dazed and flushed.

I turned to Charles and he looked irritated.

“Charles and I already had history together. I still love him and I know he does, too.” She then sat down.

“Any violent reactions?” Father asked.

“Don’t get your hopes too high, Marieline.” Charles started. “What we had is over. And I don’t have feelings for you.”

“Okay.” Father then points Alexander.

“It’s pretty obvious that I must marry Ameira over here for the reconciliation of France and Scotland.” He proudly announced.

“That, I will not let that be pushed through.” I stood up.

“Do you have a choice?” he snapped back.

“Everybody has a choice.” I answered. “And I choose Charles.”

“Charles?!” Marieline shouted as she stood up.

“Wait.” Mother stood, calming the air. “It seems like Charles has a choice to make.”

Charles then took a deep breath in. Please, Charles… agree with me.

“I have no decision yet. I’ll only say something if needed.” He stood up.

“We shall raise this to our parliament to deliberate. Then we’ll be also consulting the Vatican.” Mother replied. “But for now, let us feast.”
“You seem anxious.” Charles started the conversation.

“Just have a lot of things in my head.” I replied.

Charles and I are in the open field behind the castle, sitting beside each other but across. We used to to come here as children when we want to have private talks.

I sighed. “Came home, expecting I’ll be able to enjoy life before the crown but… I was betrayed by expectations.”

“I’m sure your parents didn’t want this to happen.” Charles replied. “And look at it, they’re still giving the decision making to you.” He added.

“Still, the agony and burden has caused me is just…” Charles then caresses my face, interrupting me.

“You’re stressing yourself too much.” He said.

I sighed and depended on his touch. “You don’t want to marry me, do you?”

“I want to marry you. I just don’t want it to be for advantage.” He explained.

“So, you don’t have feelings for me?” I asked.

“I had.” He responded. Then why won’t he choose me?! “We just grew apart and it’s going to take some time.” He continued. “And I don’t want you to marry me because of the reason to save Scotland. I want us to marry with love.”

“You doubt my love for you?” I asked, near to crying.

“No, I don’t doubt that.” Charles then cups my face. “I know you love me. The only problem is me and politics.” He continued. “Let time decide for us.”

I sighed and looked away.

“Don’t you trust me?” he asked.

I shook my head, saying, “No.”

“Oh, so you don’t.” He suddenly started tickling me.

“Charles! Stop!” I screamed, laughing.

“Say you trust me.” He persuades.

“I don’t!” I resisted. “Stop!”

“I will not stop unless you say you trust me!” He said, tickling.

“Alright! I’ll say it, just stop.”

Charles then stopped tickling and I started to catch my breath. “Well?” he asked.

I pushed Charles and started running for my life.

“You’re dead!” He shouted.

I ran as fast as I could, feeling like a child once more. But in a few seconds, Charles caught up with me and hugs me from behind, capturing me.

He then turns me around, facing him. “And you really think I can’t catch you, huh?” he asked, not letting me go from his grip.

“No.” I laughed. “Please, let me go.” I whined.

“Not until you say you trust me.” He persuaded.

“Alright, I trust you.” I giggled.

“Good.” He suddenly carries me on his shoulder and started twirling.

“AAHH!” I squealed. “Put me down!”

Charles then sets me back on the ground. At least today, there’s something fun and happy.
Outside, in front of the castle, escorting our guests to their carriages. I first attended to Marieline.

“Have a safe trip home.” I smiled.

She scoffed. “Quit pretending. We all know you wish for my death so you can have Charles for yourself.” She replied. “Well, guess what, Ameira, I’m not going away that easy.” She continued. “I shall see to it that you die first and by my hand so I could laugh at you.”

“As much as I despise you, I do not wish for your death. It is not our right as human beings to wish death on our fellow men.” I answered. “And also, if you come running back here to kill me, I shall see to it that I am waiting for your arrival.” I continued.

She gave me an angry look for one last time and headed to her carriage. Then, it’s Alexander’s turn.

“Hope you’re ready to be my wife.” He snorted.

“I have no plans to be your wife.” I protested.

“The parliament will see that marrying me will be the best decision for Scotland.” He responded.

“And I know the Vatican will defend my side. Now, please get out of my sight and have a safe trip back home.” I said.

“Wow, you wish me a safe trip home?”

“Don’t get any wrong ideas, Alexander. I loathe you and I am one of the people who would like to see you remove from the throne. It’s just a part of my duty to wish my guests a safe trip home.” I explained.

He then shrugged his shoulders and went ahead to his carriage.

Charles then walked up to me. “Sleep well, okay?” He smiled.

“I will.” I nodded with a smile. “Have a safe trip home. And I mean it to you.”

He giggled. “I will, I promise.”

“Will you promise you’ll think about it?” I asked.

He then kisses my hand. “I will. Good night, Ameira.”

“Good night, Charles.” I smiled.

He then walked to his carriage. Before he entered, he looked back and gave me a wave. I waved back with a big smile. As he gets in his carriage, all three carriages went on their ways.

Tomorrow is another day, Ameira. There is still hope.

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