Recipe: Chicken Adobo Part 1


Welcome to Beautiful&Enthusiastic&Weird World of Food where I’ll be sharing a few of the meals I make for my family.

First one on our list is my family’s number one favorite meal because of its richness in taste (and on the plus side, it’s very easy to make). It’s none other than Filipino Chicken Adobo.

Now, there are different ways to cook adobo and aside from chicken, you can choose your own kind of meat or vegetable. Just not fish, i haven’t tried it yet.

First way I will share with you is one of the common things people cook chicken adobo.

Here are the ingredients:

6pcs of chicken (or how many you want)

1 whole garlic (i’m a garlic person and more garlic tastes awesome)

1 onion (optional)

1 ginger (optional)

Soy sauce & vinegar



Laurel leaves

Chili Pepper (or what we call in Filipino language, siling haba)

Sugar (optional)


1 tablespoon of oil

Potatoes (optional)

1 egg (optional)

Now, some of the ingredients are optional because some of you may not like these but for me and my family, this is how it works.

First Step! We put the chicken in a pot with water with salt and pepper and let it boil until it’s a bit soft. Soft as in your fork can pierce through the skin but not too much soft because we’re still going to cook it.

Second Step! We then set aside a few broth then throw away the rest. (If you have a doggy and they eat everything, give it to them. I give the rest of my broth to my dog and he LOVES it).

Third Step! We then put oil on the same pot or pan we used (or if you like, you can get a separate pan, although it will add more dishes to wash) then we put the garlic, onion and ginger. If you only have one or two of these three, it’s okay. This is not a dictatorship. Then we add the chicken. Add salt and pepper. Then keep stirring till the chicken is a bit fried. (Not too much if you don’t want to.)

Fourth Step! We then add the broth we set aside. The broth gives that richness of flavor. Then we add a bit of water and let it simmer.

Fifth Step! You add in potatoes. Usually, I add three big potatoes that are diced. If I have small ones, I add as many as I want. Then stir again.

Sixth Step! Add the soy sauce and vinegar. Here’s the trick: not too much of both. It’s easy to add than to have too much of the saltiness or the sourness and you keep on fixing it because the chicken and potatoes might die of being over-cooked. (Although they are already dead, no offense).

*Note: if the taste is bland, don’t be shy to add some chicken cubes, salt or other ingredients that can fix it.

Seventh Step! I then add a little sugar. Then I add a bit of oil. Then I add the slurry. To those who aren’t familiar, slurry is when you add water and flour together. Then when you add it to your sauce, it thickens.

*Note: To save water, try getting a bit of the sauce then add the flour there.*

Eight Step! Then I add one egg. You can choose either a hard-boiled egg or you beat up one egg and add it to the sauce. It thickens the sauce as well. Like I said with the ingredients, it’s your decision. (My family likes the egg so I can’t discard it, haha!)

Ninth Step! The final step is adding the laurel leaves. Trust me: you don’t want to leave these out!

*Note: Want some green in your adobo? You can add some malunggay for color.*

Then add the chili or siling haba. Let it simmer for three to five minutes.

I am not sure that if you cook my recipe, everyone will like it. Don’t you worry, you can play around with these ingredients. No one will stop you.

Next time, I’ll be doing the other way of cooking chicken adobo. You have been tuning in to Beautiful&Enthusiastic&Weird World of Food!

See you guys! Schadoosh!


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