I would like to clear that this blog of mine is open to comments. (Just no bad words, racism, discrimination or anything bad)

So, as you can see, I’ve posted about relationships, families and even my own ways to cook meals. So, I’ve decided to add something on my blog that’s a big passion of mine…

Which are my novels and my songs.


I write.

Now, some people may find the tone of my writings offensive maybe of sarcastic.

It’s not.

I’m not the type of blogger that’s all serious.

I may be a mom but that doesn’t mean moms can’t have fun. (To all moms out there, this line is for you!)

Just would like to have everything clear.

Alright, see ya! Skadoosh!

PS. I’m a BIG fan of Po ❤ (Get it? Big? Haha no one will laugh)


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