AMEIRA || Prologue

Another dawn greets the proud kingdom of Scotland… but this day isn’t any ordinary day of the norm. Today is the day that the beloved heir of King George and Queen Amaia comes home from the Irish Courts. And everybody could not contain their excitement. But for the King and Queen, it’s the exact opposite.

In the King’s study, Queen Amaia phases back and forth, frustration and disappointment painted in her face. What supposed to be a day of joy and celebration has become a day of doom for her and her husband.

“My queen…” King George starts.

“Don’t ‘my queen’ me, George.” Queen Amaia started. “I can’t believe that you would let this happen.” she continued.

“I did not wish for this happen, Amaia. No one wished for this.” King George replied.

“But you let it happen!” The queen then bellows out of frustration. “How could you?! I trusted you with this treaty and now, it’s gone in just a minute!”

“I didn’t know that France was slipping out of my grasp. Everything went well when I had the meeting with the duke but just this morning, they sent word that the Prince of France has withdrawn from the treaty between our kingdom and theirs.” King George explained, frustrated as well.

“George,” Amaia walks to him. “France has been the most powerful ally of Scotland and we lost them. How are we possibly going to stand against all our enemies especially the bandits? Our kingdom is in grave danger, George, especially when they know that we have a future heir.” she continued.

“I know, Amaia. Do you think I am not aware of that?” he responded, a little mad. “I know how risky it is… but we have a solution for this mess.” he continued.

“And what solution, may I ask?” Amaia asked. “What kind of solution is enough to patch this mess we’ve made?”

“Our heir must marry the Prince of France.” George replied.

“Sell our daughter to the Prince of France?! Have you gone mad?! We don’t even know who the Prince of France is!” Amaia protested.

“Or we can wed her to the Prince of England, which is Prince Charles Ezekiel.” King George explained.

“Prince Charles?” Amaia responded. “Isn’t he the childhood friend of our daughter?”

“Yes, you’re correct. And they are the perfect match.” King George started. “And besides, England is also looking for a powerful ally. They are making peace with both France and Italy. We must win England first before they do.” He continued.

“George… it’s like we’re selling our daughter.” Amaia hesitated.

“Amaia, if the people will know about this, they will not understand. They will accuse us of treason and they will go after our heads.” George started putting some sense into Amaia’s clouded mind. “Our child will understand and she may forgive us one day. And this is part of our duty as royals: to give up our happiness for the sake of our country.” he continued.

“We swore to never let that happen to our children. But we’re eating our words, George. What will our child say?” Amaia fret.

King George then hugs his queen, comforts her in his arms. “These are desperate times, my love. We will make it right. I promise you.”

The trumpets then started their welcoming fanfare.

The Princess of Scotland has arrived.


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