My Firstborn: A New Chapter

Last January, I gave birth to our first born, a gentle son.

When I heard his first cry, my heart jumped out of joy and excitement.

When I first held him and our eyes first met, I knew that my life is complete.

I was holding an angel… he was so beautiful.

He was everything I prayed for, I wished for. It was the exact same face I saw in my dreams. From then on, I knew that I have someone who will be watching my every move and when he’s capable, he will do the things I will do.

What’s really important to me is I finally understood what unconditional love is.

My parents once told me that the love between a man and a woman can be conditional, broken, divided. But the love of a parent to their children can never be broken.

And they were right.

As I hold him, I knew that whatever happens, I love my son and I will make sure he will get everything he needs and he deserves. I will not let someone hurt him. I did not take care of him for nine months in my belly just so someone could bully him, hurt him or break his heart.

I took care of him and I continue to do it so he would know how he should be treated and what his worth is. It will also teach him how people should be treated.

This is a new a chapter for me. A new beginning.

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