Can you be the BIGGER person?



When you have arguments with someone, let’s say, your mother, your father, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your wife, your husband, anyone else that you may have a misunderstanding with, can you be the BIGGER person in that argument?

In the battlefield, warriors don’t easily give up. They fight and they fight even if it will cost them their lives.

In the court, lawyers will defend their clients with their very best. They will not let each party outsmart one another.

But in relationships, is fighting till the end worth it even if it destroys what you have? Is it worth it to shout and say harsh things at each other just so you could win the argument? Is it worth it to throw things at each other then in the end, what was destroyed can never be fixed?

Some other people say that being the bigger person is stupidity, a sign of weakness in a person because you’re letting yourself lose the argument even though you have a point. To people who cherish freedom so much, they think it’s a sign of surrendering your whole life to the other party. That is where they are wrong.

Some people have the wrong idea about the phrase “Be the bigger person”. This quote is not specifically just for men or just for women but for both.

A good marriage is not worth to be destroyed over some petty argument on who gets to have the remote for the evening. Sometimes, a simple argument with little things escalate to a bigger one because both parties refuses to retreat.

Well, let me tell you this: being the bigger person in the argument is not called weak. It’s called being a matured person. Mature people know when to be the bigger person. They know when to understand and when to prove their point. These bigger people know that it’s not worth to fight over something that’s not even worth fighting about. These bigger people are often the ones with successful relationships, whether with their families, marriage, boyfriends, girlfriends, friendships, work and in even with children.

Being the bigger person is not wrong. But abusing it is not also correct.

When you know you have a point and you know you have to tackle it, you have to. But don’t throw guns at each other. Resolve it in a way both parties will benefit after the argument.

For my personal experience, I always try to be the bigger person. But I also share it with my family and my partner so we could have an understanding.

Share this with everyone.

Your mother. Your father. Siblings. Partners. Spouses. Children. Friends.

You’ll see, life will be easier if you understand how to be the BIGGER person.


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