Being a Mother: Hard Yet Beautiful

For all mothers out there, let’s be honest: we have the hardest yet the most beautiful job in this world. It’s a blessing from our Creator.

We were given the strength in every aspect of our body to be a mother.

We go through nine months of hormone-raging, taste bud-craving process in taking care of our babies inside of us.
We go through excruciating pain during labor as our babies prepare to come out of our wombs and into our world.

We rest for a few months whether we had normal delivery or a C-section, plus the stitches.

We wake up in the middle of the night when our babies cry, looking for food and for a nappy change.

Being a mother is not a simple task. Some mothers are stay-at-home mommies, others work. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Being a mother is a responsibility we carry until we’re old, even if our children will have their own families in the future.

Stay-at-home mommies, such as me, are not just stay-at-home mommies. We not only take care of our babies but we cook, we do laundry, we clean the house and some other stay-at-home mommies work from home, like me as well.

Working mommies is not easy as well. They take care of their babies in the middle of the night, wake up early for work, work for eight hours a day, come home, take care of the baby, clean the house, cook food, do laundry.

Being a mother is no joke. It takes maturity, strength and wisdom. And believe me or not, God provides what you needs for your daily tasks.

But it doesn’t mean being a mommy is bad. It’s actually the most beautiful thing in the world.

The way you and your baby connect with each other.

You feel his pain. You feel his happiness.

For my opinion, it’s because you were together, inseparable for nine months, that’s why your link to each other is intense.

I’m happy to be a mommy. I may have been a mommy a bit early but when I first held my son in my arms, I’ve decided that I will do everything to be the best mommy for him. Every mommy, I’m sure, feels like that way.

Enjoy being a mother. Because one day, you might miss it.


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