Success: A Choice

The definition of success in our era is someone swimming in money and very powerful. And those people who are in that position feels that having lots of houses, lots of cars, money or other material things are the definition of the word success.

I have respect for their belief. We have no right to disrespect what they think. But for me, this is the true meaning of a successful life.

A successful life is even when you have a simple, normal life, you live your life to the fullest. You know your purpose, a purpose that God has given us and it’s up to you to find out what it is.

Sometimes, some of the richest people forget about their purpose, forget living the real life, therefore causing emptiness. What happens next? Death. Controversies. Some of the richest people commits crime and suicide because even though they have a castle of a house, they feel lonely.

Now, you might think success comes as an accident. Why not, right? I mean, some people get lucky with the lottery. But that’s not how success should be.

True success comes with hard work and a lot of heart. Like A LOT of those two components.

To be successful, you have to find your own strength. God has provided us our own talents, abilities. Don’t try and steal other people’s strength. Find your own, enhance it, use it.

Hard work. Something that people hates to hear this era. Something that people don’t want to do. But with hard work, this is where the magic happens. You work with passion, God will give you success. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot of money. God will give you the true meaning of success.

Let’s make Steph Curry as an example. Who wouldn’t know him? He was awarded MVP in NBA and is known for his speed and a great shooter. But do you think he’s already born like that?

In a church service, a video was shown to us. It was about Curry and a basketball camp hosted by Kobe Bryant. In the video, it said Curry was the least person to be noticed. But he has something the other players don’t have: he has a heart and he knows hard work. 30 minutes before practice, some of the players would just relax. But for Curry, 30 minutes before practice, he practices on his own.

That’s a good combination of heart and hard work.

Remember, being successful is a choice. It is not an accident. If you choose to be successful, do it. Use your passion. Word hard. You’ll see, you’ll reach your destination in no time.


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